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5 Tips for Productive Positioning of Modern Office Furniture

Posted on 12/19/2011 in View All ,

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No one can work well with uncomfortable modern office furniture, but its positioning is just about as important for optimum productivity. Where you place your desk, chair, light, and other equipment all have a substantial impact on creativity and how quickly you work. Individually, the following tips might have little effect, but when applied together, they can tremendously increase your productivity in any office environment.


  1. Your selection of modern office furniture is critical. Chairs shouldn’t just be comfortable and supportive but need to fit into your office space. A cramped workspace has a negative psychological impact. So even if you prefer a huge chair, if it doesn’t fit, go with something smaller.


  1. Your desk should be large enough to hold your computer, papers, and desk lamp, and still allow free space for your arms. Place it beside your filing cabinet so you don’t need to get up and move around too much throughout the day.


  1. If you’re creating a home office, choose a dry space with plenty of natural lighting. A desk lamp can save your eyes from straining, but an open window behind you will have the best effect on how efficiently you work.


  1. Study color schemes and decorate with hues that neither distract nor depress you. Certain colors promote restlessness and others stifle creativity. The best will be a neutral color: warm in the winter and cool in the hot summer months.


  1. Similarly, and lastly, find a piece of art that creates a pleasant ambience throughout the whole office space. Something bright will lift your spirits, even when you’re bogged down by tasks and deadlines, but try to avoid abstract designs: though unique, they often adversely affect creativity.
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