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All the Hullabaloo about Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Posted on 01/25/2012 in View All ,

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Furniture in the fifties and sixties involved a lot more than cubic shapes and orange and lime cushions. Those lingering remnants were certainly its most ostentatious accomplishments, but the mid-century made some truly beautiful innovations in design too. Clean, practical lines and minimalism led to a revolution in quiet elegance, and mid-century modern furniture retains those smarter attributes. It’s resurged in popularity for that very reason, creating a vintage look with a current twist.

The original mid-century modern furniture grew from a strong Danish influence, incorporating its modern artistic propensities to rely heavily on wood and clean lines. This simplicity stemmed from weariness with the Second World War. Embellishments seemed absurd after that great destruction. Though it hasn’t followed such a devastating event, contemporary mid-century modern furniture pursues the same goals of plain, clean design. By avoiding distractive patterns and shapes, this furniture remains functional but almost fades into the background, giving focus to other elements. Art, light, but most of all people thereby receive most of the attention in a mid-century modern room.

Admittedly, plastic as a building material rose to prominence during the middle of the century, which tarnished a lot of the period’s reputation. Though it was, like wood, a very clean component in chairs and fixtures, it felt unnaturally cold. Most of the more elegant contemporary pieces have avoided plastic because of this. They rely instead on the simplicity of the period. It may have originally appeared because of a very real post-war depression, but the permanence of this style has proved to be a classic design that’s desirable in any time period.

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