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Black Is Back: Why You Should Purchase Black Living Room Furniture

Posted on 02/02/2012 in View All ,

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It’s proclaimed about as often as that similarly titled AC/DC song plays on a classic rock station. Black is back all the time, and that phrase has gotten so overused that people hardly believe it anymore. All right, it really has become a bit clichéd, but the color keeps resurging for a reason. Designers don’t use it for dresses or sofas just because they had too much ebony fabric leftover. Its prominence has ebbed and flowed a bit differently over time, but constant is its practicality. With all the variety of styles and tastes in the world, black living room furniture remains one of the most universally appropriate color schemes. It fits well into just about any home, and it has benefits that few other patterns share.

For nuns and most judges, black never went anywhere; it’s been the color of their garb for centuries, and they’re not the only ones who have kept it perennial. In October, black has associations of darkness and unlucky cats, but throughout the rest of the year it represents a subdued formality. Office chairs use it to appear crisp and professional; artists manipulate it to emphasize other colors and patterns; and decorators have realized it has the potential to both spark and temper the setting of a room. Oxymoronic though it might sound, black living room furniture proves that flashy camouflage can exist. The pieces can be as loud or quiet as their surroundings need.

For practicality’s sake, people love black living room furniture because, compared to everything else in the home, it requires next to no maintenance. The spills, stains, and pet hair that plague most décor can’t really affect black. Mud clinging to a pant leg, hairballs from cats, and wine spilled during a dramatic party story are messes that come with owning a home. They can’t always be avoided, but fortunately black furniture hides them well. That’s welcome news for people who have to keep everything spotless all the time.

Stylistically, though, the furniture really can conform to any house. Black living room furniture is often used in a minimalist, modern approach, but people don’t need to tear everything off their walls to fit it into their house. Just as white exudes every color of light, black absorbs them, which essentially means it works with anything. For homes that do strive for minimalism, a black sofa can serve as the focal point; and if a living room already has an elaborate rug or fireplace, black furniture can become a stark backdrop, increasing the vibrancy of other décor.

On its own black seems understandably bleak. Religiously, it has evil connotations, and it certainly has the power to overwhelm a space. A room completely painted and furnished with black would only be appropriate for a photographer’s dark room or the set of a serial killer film. If used judiciously, though, black living room furniture can be a sensible and subtle tool in decorating a home. That might not excuse the cliché, but it at least explains why black is so often back.

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