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Calico Cottage: Fine Furniture Brands – The Tour

Posted on 04/10/2012 in View All ,

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Welcome back! We will continue ‘The Tour’ series with Calico Cottage, another ‘Lifestyles’ collection of fine furniture brands.

The word calico means a simple-woven textile made from cotton. Its definition makes the word seem quite unremarkable, but its history is incredibly rich. Calico fabric originated in India during the 11th century. Through commerce, the fabric made its way to Egypt in the 15th century. Two centuries later, calico made its way to Europe via trade with Egypt. It is a cloth with nearly a millennium of history, which is amazing to think about, especially when you consider that the United States is only a few hundred years old.

The word fits Calico Cottage’s collection of natural fabrics and simple designs (like the simple-woven nature of calico). We expand on this theme with pastel looks to make it cozy and stylish, like a summer getaway.


Calico Cottage – Bedroom Furniture and Accessories

Calico Cottage exudes a calm mood for your bedroom; this is the perfect way to be greeted after a long day. We use a lot of ‘cool’ colors such as green and blue to help create this effect.

Calico Cottage also features floral prints, like many of the early cloths of its namesake. This, in addition to the wicker and basket-weave patterns prevalent in a lot of the designs, makes for an almost tropical feel (think palm trees).

Though you will see some designs that utilize stained hardwood, most of the furniture of this style is painted hardwood, which helps to retain the pastel theme. Wicker, basket weave, and stained hardwood piece serve as contrast.

Calico Cottage can bring that vacation feel to your bedroom, a peaceful escape to sleep after your hard work (or hard play!).


Calico Cottage – Dining Room

Calico Cottage dining rooms mirror the bedroom designs in many facets. ‘Cool’ colors like blue and green are still emphasized, and floral, wicker, and basket weave patterns still give off that tropical feel. However, since your dining room furniture receives a lot of wear and tear from meal after meal, our fine furniture brands use a lightly-stained, quality hardwood for sturdiness and longevity, rather than paint.

Like our American Home ‘Lifestyle’ (see our previous edition of ‘The Tour’), we recommend making good use of natural light to illuminate your dining area. After all, doesn’t a healthy dose of sunlight add even more to that tropical motif?

For Calico Cottage Dining Rooms, the palette opens to include pale yellow as well. The dark-stained hardwood accents create contrast, giving you a lot of choice on how you want your dining area to look.

We offer different dining room styles in contemporary dining room furniture as well. You can use Calico Cottage to create a casual breakfast nook or to craft an elegant dining space for your special guests.  The style is perfect for both casual and formal spaces.


Calico Cottage – Living Room

Calico Cottage living rooms are very similar to its counterpart in the bedroom and dining room. We use ‘cool’ colors again, our greens and our blues, for the nice calming atmosphere. In some cases, floral prints adorn the furniture and rugs. We use a lot of white and other light colors to emphasize the sunlight. Did we mention this style is just amazing for a sun room?

This style also compliments hardwood floors in a very flattering way, as do the wicker-patterned pieces. The combination cultivates an enjoyable, organic union between the wood, wicker, and floral patterns.

Your living room should be a place of both comfort and style. Calico Cottage gives you and your guests an elegant and cozy suburban or urban getaway to enjoy any time of year.


Calico Cottage – Wrapping Up Our Tour

Calico Cottage is truly a theme that takes a lot from tropical places. We have the natural hardwoods and floral patterns that evoke palm trees and other ocean side flora and fauna. Blues and greens mimic the ocean and the cloudless sky. The whites and lightly-stained hardwoods remind us of the sprawling beaches of sand. This style is both sophisticated and comfortable and worthy of display in your bedroom, dining area, and living room.

We hope you enjoyed our tour of the Calico Cottage style. Our next entry will give you tips on how to customize Calico Cottage to fit your personal style.

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