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Choosing the Right Contemporary Office Desk

Posted on 10/17/2011 in View All ,

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Choosing a contemporary office desk isn’t just about style; it’s your workspace, and you need to find the right one for your body type. An improperly sized desk can affect not only productivity but your actual health. To help you know what to look for in a desk, we’ve assembled some pointers to guide your purchase.

- Mobility. It’s hard to imagine something more stationary than a contemporary office desk, but even if you’re sitting at it all day, you’re going to be moving. Shuffling feet, stretching, and twisting in your chair aren’t motions of a listless worker: they’re natural movements that your body needs to avoid atrophy. A proper desk should be large enough for your hands to stretch without touching the wall, high enough to sit under without your legs feeling pinched, and positioned so that you can swivel and stand up without being pressed by a wall or filing cabinet.

- Functionality. Even if you do all of your work on a computer, a contemporary office desk should be large enough to write note and hold papers, supplies, and a lamp. You might think you only have room for a small desk, but most work can’t be done on tiny cramped surfaces.

- Positioning. Where you place your desk can be the most important factor, not just for mobility but to retain focus and protect your eyes. If your office space has a window, it’s a nice idea to sit in front of it, but direct light, especially sunlight, will force you to squint throughout the day. If a desk has a glossy veneer, the sun will reflect a blinding glare. Keep your desk out of dark shadows, but never position yourself in front of a light source. It should be to the side or, ideally, behind you.

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