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Create Your Own Space with Modern Office Furniture

Posted on 09/20/2011 in View All ,

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You don’t have to work from home to need your own office space. Most bosses require their employees to occasionally take at least a few projects home with them, and if you’re employed by one of them, you know how hard it can be to concentrate on work while surrounded by your family, food, and television. Separating yourself and creating a place as professional as a cubicle can establish focus in even the most distracting of homes. Modern office furniture is of course an essential purchase, but creating a space to put it should come first. Very few homes come with a room intended to be an office, so we have some tips for assembling one out of thin air.

- Divide a room with partitions. Most living rooms and bedrooms have a percentage of space you never—or rarely—use. That can be reclaimed with a partition to section off an office space. Screens and thin walls are available, but something more subtle, like an entertainment center or series of shelves prove just as effective.

- Use a niche. Especially in older homes, nooks and crannies abound. They may be too small to hold another bed or table, but a lot can house a desk and filing cabinet without a problem. This can look a little strange to guests, so adding a curtain can let you close off the area when not in use.

- Consolidate a guest room. Very few people house more than a handful of guests every year, which means that your extra bedroom is often wasted space. You can keep it available, though, by replacing a queen with a sofa bed and adding your essential modern office furniture. Very few houseguests spend all their time in that bedroom, so you’ll probably never find one who will mind the presence of a desk, table, and chair.


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