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Fine Furniture Designs with Elegant Living Room Furniture

Posted on 02/21/2012 in View All ,

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Elegance is defined as quality and dignified grace—it is simplicity in line, form, and function. Good taste in design, style, and arrangement are essential ingredients.  Elegance is soothing, appealing, joyful, and confident. The environment you create reveals who you are, and the way you spend your leisure time renews your spirit.  When you open the door each evening and settle into a comfortable couch for a moment of rest, the room that surrounds you sustains and refreshes you.

If you want to achieve the look and feel of elegance, you must start with fine furniture designsElegant living room furniture provides the focal point for your entire home.  From there, beauty emanates in all directions.  The dining room, kitchen, family room, home office, bedrooms, and even the bathrooms, are part of the grace that imparts that feeling of home and love.  Walking from room to room, you cannot help but feel renewed by your surroundings.

It is easy to achieve the look of class and style you desire if you start with the best. Drexel-Heritage, Henredon, Chromcraft, Frederick Cooper, and the John Richard Collection—each offers distinctive, elegant living room furniture.  When you paint the portrait of your home, the broad strokes of Distinctive Designs, French Heritage, Althorp Living History Collection, Lexington, and Motioncraft provide the backdrop to your masterpiece.  A.R.T. Furniture, Artistica Metal Design, Eastern Legends, and Shadow Mountain are indispensable components of any home.  Four Hands, H Studio, and Fine Art Lamps add a light touch of mirth to the possibilities.  The only difficulty lies in making your choices from the (literally) thousands of available options—that’s where our furniture design center experts come in.

The basis of any fine furniture design is always the largest pieces: the sofa and chairs. Will you go with a solid, leather couch with overstuffed cushions, or a long, sleek sofa with a distinctive, unusual line and bright colors?  There are so many possibilities when it comes to elegant living room furniture.

Let’s say you decide to go with bright and light.  Select a sofa that is a riot of color and two chairs that add an incredibly unique line to the room—each one is a different color, and neither matches the sofa.  You have your foundation, and now opt for glass tables to round out your living space.  Each end table, while made of the same materials, differs slightly in style.  The coffee table continues this theme, as does the table between the two chairs.  A fluffy rug at the center of the space is varying shades of cream and brown to calm the wild colors and shapes and create a unified feeling.  So far, so good.

This room is exciting and happy.  You want plenty of shelves, and there’s no reason they should match.  You start with a hanging shelf in the corner by the window that gets the most sun.  The glass shelf reflects the sunshine that streams in the window.  It bathes the room in a riot of muted rainbow colors.  Dotting the walls are an array of shelves, pictures, mirrors, and wall hangings, artfully arranged, each wall its own work of art.  A long, low bookcase completes the furniture selections.  You add some pillows; there are a few on the sofa, each chair, and a couple on the floor, big enough to sit on, to round out the feeling of comfort.

Next, the room needs light, but the real point of lamps is to add even more artistic lines to the room you are defining.  A silver floor lamp and other exciting designs are used to provide convenient light when illuminated and artistic creations when they’re not.

The shelves and tables cry out for decoration.  There are statuettes, vases, flowers, knick-knacks, coffee table books, picture frames, porcelain pieces, and whatever else you like to round out the look.  There will be plenty of space available for future additions.

There, now you’ve done it.  It’s a fine beginning to your home.  From this space, you will add the rest of the furniture and accessories you need to give you and your family a living space that will invite laughter and happiness.  After all, that’s what elegance is all about.

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