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HStudio - Furniture in Stock

Posted on 06/23/2010 in Special Items,

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We've got some exceptional, hand made pieces currently in stock from HStudio in Los Angeles.  

Come check them out at the store today!


Moon Chair

The Moon Chair is a mod and curvy conversation starter that will become the focus of any room.

Wood frame construction. All style. At Stowers this piece is currently in-stock, white in color.

HStudio Moon Chair - Only at Stowers Furniture


Sasha Chair

The majestic Sasha Bed features a high back and elegant tufting for an added touch of romantism. The headboard features hand tufting designed to compliment included Swarovski crystal accents.  At Stowers we currently have this bed in white.

HStudio Sasha Bed - only at Stowers Furniture


Bora Sculpture

The Bora Sculpture is alive with energy and unpredictability. Named after a cold, northern wind known for its fierceness, the Bora Sculpture takes the viewer on a journey full of unexpected twists and turns.

HStudio Bora Sculpture - Only at Stowers Furniture

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